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Artist Statement

Halima works mostly from her garden studio in Suffolk, England. Occasionally, she works en plein air in the beautiful countryside near her home. She paints almost every day, is always creating and has been painting professionally since 2006.  Halima holds a B.A in Visual Arts and Art History from Occidental College (Los Angeles) and an M.F.A in Fine Art from the Academy of Art University (San Francisco).


The vibrancy and thickness of the paint expresses joy and movement. Using a mix of brush and palette knife, she brings her subjects to life. 

Though she paints many subjects, in recent years she has been drawn to landscape painting.  Halima is inspired by expansive countryside views, dramatic Suffolk skies and the rich colours of Summer. Her fresh and airy landscape paintings evoke nostalgic memories and a love of the outdoors, often depicting idyllic Summer days, waving grasses and windswept wheat fields.  

Her still life work is inspired by foraged floral arrangements. Her work is also seasonal, painting bouquets that reflect the essence of Spring, Summer and Autumn. Harmonious blossoms are set against a complementing background using fruit and pattern as a thoughtful contrast. These works capture blooming flora using contemporary compositions mixed with rustic charm. The flowers are sourced from local independent flower growers and her Mother in law's delightful garden. 


If you are interested in booking a studio visit, contact the artist HERE.  


Gallery List:

Cambridge Contemporary Art


"You will find me most days in my garden studio singing along to loud music while I work on my latest piece.  I am actually quite happy and at ease while painting.  I get totally engrossed in my process and the mixing of the buttery oil paint.  


On other days, I spend time soaking in the beautiful Suffolk countryside, taking walks and photographing distant fields and dramatic blue skies.  I feel replenished and centred out in nature.  I take in the sounds of the grasses blowing, the birdsong, the warmth of the sun and fold it into each paint mixture with confidence and care.


I paint with joy, I paint with purpose, I paint with intuition"


- Halima

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